Artist Biography/Artwork

​Jennifer Susan Jones is a Southern California-based mixed media artist and art writer specializing in the creative process and art therapy. She has a counseling degree and has worked with clients using various art therapy modalities including sandplay therapy in which clients build symbolic scenes in a sand tray using miniatures. The act of building (and witnessing the building of) “little worlds in boxes”  influences her style of mixed media assemblage art, as does her lifelong love of dioramas. Many of her cigar box pieces are surreal, fantastic snapshots into worlds that reflect her love of science fiction and fantasy. She also makes larger-sized (often illuminated) assemblage pieces based on themes put forth by various exhibitions as well as requests for commissioned pieces.

Jennifer enjoys exercise, and often comes up with ideas for new projects during her workouts. She is inspired by the assemblage work of well-known artists such as Louise Nevelson and Joseph Cornell, as well as the diverse artwork produced by the artists she associates with. 
In this increasingly virtual, fast-paced world, she holds dear the old fashioned arts of magic, stop-motion animation, and puppetry, and strives to create work which is based upon the same principles: using physical manipulation, illumination, and atmosphere to evoke feelings of enchantment and childlike wonder. 

Jennifer’s academic and practical counseling background provides her with a deep understanding of emotions and human nature, which assists her when interviewing and working with artists and creatives. Her position as a freelance art writer has given her the opportunity to visit many galleries and artists’ studios and speak intimately with artists about their creative processes as well as what inspires their work. The position has also provided her with a platform in which she can help promote lesser-known artists as well as showcase her passion for art writing. Jennifer's latest endeavor is writing poetry and practicing Art Journaling, and she loves playing with various art media in her journal.