Detail of Edgar Allan Crow by Jennifer Susan Jones

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Jennifer Susan Jones is a Southern California-based mixed media artist and art writer specializing in the creative process and art therapy. She has a counseling degree and has worked with clients using various art therapy modalities. Her deep understanding of human nature and her background in psychology informs her work with creatives, and adds value to the  dialogue she engages in with clients. Jennifer visits galleries and artists’ studios in the Los Angeles area to speak intimately with esteemed individuals of the area's vibrant, diverse art community. Jennifer enjoys showcasing lesser-known artists and hopes that through her articles -published via Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and Art and Cake LA - creative individuals will gain exposure and be better understood by the public. Her writing is published in print and online where it is seen by thousands of viewers from all over the world, and links to her artist features can be shared via e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

"One of the benefits of artist features is that articles can help make an artist's name a household word, or at least provide greater recognition. Articles can lead to sales and commissions. Articles can lead to invitations to participate in exhibitions, and they can

help artists to obtain fellowships, grants, honors and awards."

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Here are links to some of my recent articles (scroll down for a list of my articles):

The Little Things: An Interview With Matt Dangler - May 2018

Subtle Snarls: The Sculptures of Erika Sanada- Nov 2017

Intricate Imaginings: The Art of Kris Kuksi- Sept 2017
Lisa Schulte at Porch Gallery Ojai - September 2017

Color, Contrast, and Comics: The Paintings of Robert Nelson - May 2017

Dark Enchantment: The Art of Handsome Devils Puppets - April 2017

Confession, Revelation and “Afterfear” in the work of Dani Dodge- Jan 2017

“SPACELAND III | Aftermath” at Bermudez Projects -Oct 2016

“Fantastic Feminist Figuration” at Groundspace Project -Sept 2016

“Life Force” at The Blackboard Gallery -Sept 2016

Fantasies, Phantasms and Fairy Tales at Corey Helford Gallery - July 2016


"I am flattered and humbled by your opening to the (Beautiful Bizarre) interview, I absolutely love what you’ve written and focused on... and I am very happy with the interview overall, I felt it represents me accurately. I appreciate it so much!”  -Matt Dangler, painter.

"Jennifer Susan Jones covered my artwork with skill and genuine enthusiasm. I've been interviewed many times and I found her questions to be insightful, offbeat, yet cutting to the heart of the matter. Her attendance in person at my gallery show proved to me that she goes above and beyond the norm. I was thrilled to receive a lot of great feedback from her article." -Jasmine Becket-Griffith, artist, Florida.

"I am so thankful that Jennifer chose to write about my art for beautiful.bizarre magazine!! She has a gift with words and was a pleasure to work with! I'm not very articulate when it comes to describing myself or my style of art but she was able to transcribe my ramblings into meaningful words and commentary about my work that I would never be able to do. Her knowledge of art comes from not only studying it but also being an artist herself, so she understands the process.  I love what she wrote about me, and I look forward to reading all of her writings in the future!!" -Elizabeth McGrath, mixed media artist, Los Angeles, CA.

"Your words on my review are truly the most beautiful, creatively and carefully strung together into a poetic fashion, I have ever read on my neon art. Thank you so much for understanding me and my work." -Lisa Schulte, 33-year veteran neon artist, Los Angeles, CA. 

"Thank you, Jennifer, for your insightful words and questions. I was very moved and impressed by the thoroughness of your research. It is always a challenge to describe in words how a painting comes to be. You captured much of the essence of my work in such an eloquent way. Thank you." -Jason Mowry, painter

"This is very good, Jennifer. I smile at seeing how much I overloaded you, how well you managed to cope -- this was truly great editing. Brava!
Overall, I thought you did a fabulous job! Truly. I was amazed at how well you condensed my all of my gab. You did a terrific job. I feel quite honored. Thank you with all my heart." -Margaret Bowland, figurative painter, NY

"I just read your article about my work and wanted to say thank you! I really appreciate the research you did about the science of the issue as it is so very important! I am honored by your thorough coverage."-Terry Arena, artist, Ventura, CA.

"Jennifer Jones has a gift for listening, not only to the artist with whom she is speaking, but to the artworks themselves. She takes very seriously the importance of being open to what a piece is communicating, and she has the intuitive chops to hear and absorb it. Her multi-faceted approach to art, and I suspect to life, enables her to infuse her writing with rich layers and a hands-on knowledge of the creative process." -Peggy Pownall, mixed media artist, Camarillo, CA.

​"Thank you again for the beautiful, insightful, intelligent article your wrote about my art. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and thoroughness." -Dani Dodge, artist, Los Angeles, CA.


 "I can't tell you how thrilled I am by the piece your wrote on the Fantastic Feminist Figuration show! It is absolutely spot-on--and exquisitely well written. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I have been curating for over 40 years now and yours is the very best review I've ever gotten for an exhibition." -Betty Brown, curator, art writer, college professor, Los Angeles, CA.

 "Jennifer Susan Jones is an outstanding art writer, who reviewed two shows I participated in: a) the group show thread/bare at the Brand Library and Galleries, Glendale, CA and b) my solo show still/point at 643 Project Space, Ventura, CA. In both cases it was an absolute pleasure to work with Jennifer. She deeply listens to the artist's experience of art-making and honors the artwork by spending quiet time with individual works. I believe that Jennifer's sensitivity to visual expression allows her to perceive connections that on some level may have been sensed but not yet languaged. Jennifer's insights and writing add genuine value to the ongoing conversation between the artist, her work, and the larger community. And for that, I am grateful." -Sigrid Orlet, artist, Camarillo, CA. 

​ "I spent a wonderful afternoon with Jennifer discussing art and the creative process which she turned into a great article."  -Wesley Anderegg, ceramic artist, Solvang, CA.

  ​"Thank you for the excellent article you wrote for the magazine Beautiful Bizarre entitled “Profundity and Self-Reflection”.  You kept asking the questions that revealed more and more about my artwork.  You seem to have a knack for merging the questions, the images and my responses into a coherent flow." -Bob Privitt, assemblage artist and Professor Emeritus, Pepperdine University, CA.  

 ​"Jennifer arrived at my studio prepared with interview questions but specifically requested quiet time with my paintings. Our conversation was easy and inquisitive and her resulting analysis of my work was a poetic prose exhibiting considerations I hadn't yet pieced together. These considerations were astute as well as heartfelt. She is a word smith, she grapples well with concept, and she loves process. Seeing my work through Jennifer's eyes was a very rewarding experience." -Teale Hatheway, artist, Los Angeles, CA.

  "Jennifer wrote recently for my solo show. In preparation, she came to my studio for an extensive visit and conducted an insightful interview, spending a long time with the work, getting to understand my art intimately, resulting in sincere and authentic presentation of my work. Jennifer's writing style is pictorial and flowing, yet grounded and candid. This makes her articles useful for curators and educators, as well as enjoyable and easily accessible by large and diverse audiences. Jennifer consulted with me after formulating a first draft and was open and receptive to my input and comments. Dealing with Jennifer was a real pleasure. She is very professional, always on time, and clearly communicates her needs and schedule. The article, which included many images of my art, was published on time, just before my opening. I got many good comments on it and great exposure. I highly recommend Jennifer Susan Jones." -Nurit Avesar, mixed media artist, Camarillo, CA.


 "I think the article that you wrote is fantastic! It is wonderful for me to read all the insightful descriptions of baggage, it's many meanings, and how it relates to my work. Your background in psychology really shines through.  It was really fascinating for me to have someone else's interpretation of my work and you really nailed it!" -Susan Amorde, mixed media artist, Los Angeles, CA.

​ "It was an amazing pleasure to work with Jennifer Jones. Having it be a difficult challenge to explain my art via words, Jennifer asked smart detailed targeted questions to help me delve into my subconscious, to assist me in actually verbalizing what I do and my process. In addition, she's super patient and supportive. It was a completely enjoyable and terrific experience working with Jennifer. Thank you!" -Nicole Fournier, encaustic artist, Los Angeles, CA.

"Thank you to Jennifer Susan Jones, for writing an article about my work and show at Blackboard Gallery in Camarillo. Jennifer was able to capture the spirit of meaning behind the work, by listening to me and viewing the sculptures.  Thank you."Mary McGill, ceramic artist, Camarillo, CA. 

Here is a partial list of my art writing work (Title. Date. Publisher)

  • Margaret Bowland: Emerge Triumphant. Full-Length Interview.  Sept 2019. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine print issue 024. 2300 words
  • Jacub Gagnon: Combining Cute With Craftsmanship. Article. June 2019. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine print issue 024. 1350 words
  • Zara Monet Feeney. Interview. Feb  2019. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online)
  • Ewa Pronczuk-Kuziak: True Colors. Article. Dec 2018. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine print issue 023. 1350 words
  • Juz Kitson: Elegant Abjection. Studio Visit Interview. Aug 2018. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine print issue 022. 1900 words
  • Debbie Korbel: Creating Cohesion Out of Chaos. Oct 2018. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online)
  • Camille Rose Garcia: Dystopian Fairy Tales. Full-Length Interview. Aug 2018. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine print issue 022. 2300 words
  • Kylie Dexter: Roving in the "Dolldrums." Interview. Aug  2018. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online)
  • The Little Things: An Interview with Matt Dangler. May 2018. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online)
  • Kevin Peterson: The Animal Collective. June 2018. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine print issue 021. 1290 words
  • Yoshimasa Tsuchiya: Preserving Fantasies in Wood. March 2018. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine print issue 020. 1290 words
  • Dani Dodge: “Then/Now” Preview. February 2018. Art and Cake LA (online). 1630 words
  • Sacrificial Lamb at Lethal Amounts Gallery. February 2018. Art and Cake LA (online). 1160 words
  • Alessandra Maria. November 2017. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine print issue 019. 745 words
  • Patricia Piccinini: Empathy In An Artificial World. February 2018. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online)
  • Joe Bloch: Spinal Tap Meets Van Gogh in the NYC Underbelly. January 2018. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online)
  • Subtle Snarls: The Sculptures of Erika Sanada. November 2017. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online)
  • The Sweet Dreams of Pip & Pop. October 2017. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online)
  • “Article 16: Selected works by Lisa Schulte” at Porch Gallery Ojai. September 2017. Art and Cake LA (online). 575 words
  • Intricate Imaginings: The Art of Kris Kuksi. September 2017. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online)
  • Primal Instincts: The Sculptures of Beth Cavener. September 2017. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online)
  • Capable Hands: The Sculptures of Jessica Dalva. July 2017.  Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online)
  • Color, Contrast, and Comics: The Paintings of Robert Nelson. May 2017. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 723 words
  • Dark Enchantment: The Art of Handsome Devils Puppets. April 2017. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 2701 words
  • Mary McGill: The Art of the Story. January 2017. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 2682 words
  • Confession, Revelation and “Afterfear” in the work of Dani Dodge. January 2017. Art and Cake LA (online). 2250 words
  • Elizabeth McGrath. Essay on sculptor Elizabeth McGrath. December 2016. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine print issue 015. 668 words
  • Tamara Henderson Creates a Surreal Dreamscape at REDCAT. December 2016. Art and Cake LA (online). 397 words
  • Art Basil LA 2016: A Greener Alternative to the Big-Ticket Art Fair. December 2016. Art and Cake LA (online). 865 words
  • Projection: A Skate Film In Paris. November 2016. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 261 words
  • Bibi Davidson: The Girl in the Red Dress @ Gallery 825. November 2016. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 940 words
  • The Animal Connection: An Interview With Lydia Fenwick. October 2016. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 2552 words
  • “SPACELAND III | Aftermath” at Bermudez Projects. October 2016. Art and Cake LA (online). 1280 words
  • “Life Force” at The Blackboard Gallery. September 2016. Art and Cake LA (online). 1191 words
  • Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Essay on painter Jasmine Becket-Griffith. September 2016. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine print issue 014. 708 words
  • “Fantastic Feminist Figuration” at Groundspace Project. September 2016. Art and Cake LA (online). 1011 words
  • Layers Within: The Encaustic Art of Nicole Fournier. August 2016. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 1622 words
  • Metaphorical Skin: The Art of Kristine Schomaker. July 2016. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 1817 words
  • Susan Amorde: Emotional Baggage. June 2016. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 1097 words
  • Michael Pearce: The Clouty Tree, The Devil and Me @ Kwan Fong Gallery. March 2016. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 1760 words
  • Erika Lizée “…and yet, things continue to unfold” @ 643 Project Space. March 2016. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 606 words
  • Nurit Avesar’s ‘Elemental Energies’ @ Neutra Institute Gallery & Museum. February 2016. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 586 words
  • The Mixed Media Paintings of Teale Hatheway. January 2016. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 1280 words
  • Shallow Grave Studios: The Assemblage & Tattoo Art of Jason Stieva. November 2015. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 1606 words
  • Sweatbox Studios: The Assemblage Art of Mark Waldman. October 2015. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 920 words
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  • The Art of Wellness: Patrick Fisher @ Blackboard Gallery. August 2015. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online). 2270 words